The time has arrived for values-driven governance principles to enable social & environmental sustainability & economic growth to help reduce poverty, eradicate crime and preserve our beautiful planet

The Mother Fox symbol

The Mother Fox symbolizes principle-driven enterprise governance that enables the protection of past and current value and the creation of new value within the context of the responsible and ethical management of the resources that are entrusted to us for the benefit of all current and future generations.

Responsible Business Performance

It is unacceptable that the success rate of funding deployment is so profoundly low in both social and emerging economic enterprises. The Mother Fox Worldwide index of principle-driven governance challenges this status quo by setting a more achievable and more effective standard.

Governance Project Foundation

The Mother Fox Worldwide system of principle-driven governance was created by the Governance Project Foundation with the key purpose to provide funding entities with the means to obtain assurance that funds deployment will be done within sound enterprise governance principles to achieve the socio-economic and/or environmental benefit it was intended for.

Enterprise governance assurance

The Mother Fox Worldwide enterprise governance balancing scorecard is a comprehensive but simple universal assessment instrument for any type or size organization. However, it has predominantly been developed to enable resilience, growth and self-sustainability amongst social entrepreneurs, emerging enterprises, and those supporting small and medium business owners.

Economic value creation can never be done at the expense of social or environmental sustainability.


Further objectives

Further objective of Mother Fox Worldwide is to enable sustainable job creation, especially for young individuals qualified in basic business and/or social principles. The Foundation acts as facilitator, helping to create opportunities for individuals, companies and institutions to be further equipped with the basic principles and toolsets of common-sense governance, not only in their own enterprises and environments, but also, once they have adopted and conquered the principles, to tell their stories and to create spin-off enterprises.

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